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read-ical(1)						      General Commands Manual						      read-ical(1)

read-ical - coverts information on your Palm handheld device into an Ical-formatted calendar
read-ical -p <port> [ filename ]
This manual page documents the small application read-ical. read-ical allows the user to retrieve the contents of the ToDo and Datebook databases on a Palm handheld device, and convert their contents to an Ical calendar. Note that the calendar file named by filename will be deleted, so do not use your main calendar. Instead, use a separate one for this pur- pose, and include it in your main calendar. As read-ical works by passing a script to ical, the ical application must be in your path. OPTIONS -p --port <port>, Use device file port to communicate with the Palm handheld device. If this is not specified, will look for the $PILOTPORT environ- ment variable. If both are not found, will fall back to /dev/pilot. -h --help Display help synopsis for install-user -v --version Display version of install-user filename This is the file to output the ical-formatted data to.
The program will connect to a target device, retrieve the ToDo and Datebook databases (ToDoDB.pdb and DatebookDB.pdb respectively), then instruct ical to write a calendar file based on the retrieved information.
read-ical has no known bugs.
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read-ical was written by Kenneth Albanowski Free Software Foundation Palm Computing Device Tools read-ical(1)