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rdesktop(1)						      General Commands Manual						       rdesktop(1)

rdesktop - Remote Desktop Protocol client
rdesktop [options] server[:port]
rdesktop is a client for Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Terminal Services, Windows XP Remote Desktop, and possibly other Terminal Services products. rdesktop currently implements the RDP version 4 protocol.
-u <username> Username for authentication on the terminal server. -d <domain> Domain for authentication. -s <shell> Startup shell for the user - starts a specific application instead of Explorer. -c <directory> The initial working directory for the user. Often used in combination with -s to set up a fixed login environment. -p <password> The password to authenticate with. Note that this may have no effect if "Always prompt for password" is enabled on the server. WARNING: if you specify a password on the command line it may be visible to other users when they use tools like ps. Use -p - to make rdesktop request a password at startup (from standard input). -n <hostname> Client hostname. Normally rdesktop automatically obtains the hostname of the client. -k <layout> Keyboard layout to emulate. This requires a corresponding keymap file to be installed. The standard keymaps provided with rdesktop follow the RFC1766 naming scheme: a language code followed by a country code if necessary - e.g. en-us, en-gb, de, fr, sv, etc. The default is en-us (a US keyboard). -g <geometry> Desktop geometry (WxH). If geometry is the special word "workarea", the geometry will be fetched from the extended window manager hints property _NET_WORKAREA, from the root window. -f Enable fullscreen mode. This overrides the window manager and causes the rdesktop window to fully cover the current screen. Fullscreen mode can be toggled at any time using Ctrl-Alt-Enter. -b Force the server to send screen updates as bitmaps rather than using higher-level drawing operations. -e Disable encryption. This option is only needed (and will only work) if you have a French version of NT TSE. -m Do not send mouse motion events. This saves bandwidth, although some Windows applications may rely on receiving mouse motion. -C Use private colourmap. This will improve colour accuracy on an 8-bit display, but rdesktop will appear in false colour when not focused. -K Do not override window manager key bindings. By default rdesktop attempts to grab all keyboard input when it is in focus. -T <title> Window title. -D Hide window manager decorations, by using MWM hints.
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