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ppmtoyuvsplit(1)								 ppmtoyuvsplit(1)

       ppmtoyuvsplit - convert a portable pixmap into 3 subsampled raw YUV files

       ppmtoyuvsplit basename [ppmfile]

       Reads  a  portable pixmap as input.  Produces 3 raw files basename.Y, basename.U and base-
       name.V as output.  These files are the subsampled raw  YUV  representation  of  the  input
       pixmap, as required by the Stanford MPEG codec. The subsampling is done by arithmetic mean
       of 4 pixels colors into one. The YUV values are scaled according to CCIR.601,  as  assumed
       by MPEG.

       mpeg(1), ppm(5)

       Copyright (C) 1993 by Andre Beck. (Andre_Beck@IRS.Inf.TU-Dresden.de)

       Based on ppmtoyuv.c

					 9 September 1993			 ppmtoyuvsplit(1)
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