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ppmtorgb3(1)									     ppmtorgb3(1)

       ppmtorgb3 - separate a portable pixmap into three portable graymaps

       ppmtorgb3 [ppmfile]

       Reads  a portable pixmap as input.  Writes three portable graymaps as output, one each for
       red, green, and blue.

       The output filenames are constructed by taking  the  input  filename,  stripping  off  any
       extension,  and	appending  ".red", ".grn", and ".blu".	For example, separating lenna.ppm
       would result in lenna.red, lenna.grn, and lenna.blu.  If the input comes from  stdin,  the
       names are noname.red, noname.grn, and noname.blu.

       rgb3toppm(1), ppmtopgm(1), pgmtoppm(1), ppm(5), pgm(5)

       Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

					 10 January 1991			     ppmtorgb3(1)
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