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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for ppmtopjxl (redhat section 1)

PPMTOPJXL(1)									     PPMTOPJXL(1)

       ppmtopjxl - convert a portable pixmap into an HP PaintJet XL PCL file

       ppmtopjxl  [-nopack] [-gamma <n> ] [-presentation] [-dark] [-diffuse] [-cluster] [-dither]
       [-xshift <s> ] [-yshift <s> ] [-xshift <s> ] [-yshift <s> ] [-xsize|-width|-xscale  <s>	]
       [-ysize|-height|-yscale <s> ] [ppmfile]

       Reads  a  portable  pixmap  as  input.  Produces a PCL file suitable for printing on an HP
       PaintJet XL printer as output.

       The generated file is not suitable for printing on a normal PrintJet printer.  The -nopack
       option  generates  a  file which does not use the normal TIFF 4.0 compression method. This
       file might be printable on a normal PaintJet printer (not an XL).

       The -gamma option sets the gamma correction for the image. The useful range for the Paint-
       Jet XL is approximately 0.6 to 1.5.

       The  rendering  algorithm  used	for images can be altered with the -dither, -cluster, and
       -diffuse options. These options select ordered dithering, clustered ordered dithering,  or
       error  diffusion respectively.  The -dark option can be used to enhance images with a dark
       background when they are reduced in size.  The -presentation option turns on  presentation
       mode,  in which two passes are made over the paper to increase ink density. This should be
       used only for images where quality is critical.

       The image can be resized by setting the -xsize and -ysize options. The parameter to either
       of  these  options is interpreted as the number of dots to set the width or height to, but
       an optional dimension of `pt' (points), `dp' (decipoints), `in' (inches),  or  `cm'  (cen-
       timetres)  may  be appended.  If only one dimension is specified, the other will be scaled

       The options -width and -height are synonyms of -xsize and -ysize.

       The -xscale and -yscale options can alternatively be used to scale the image by	a  simple

       The  image can be shifted on the page by using the -xshift and -yshift options. These move
       the image the specified dimensions right and down.


       Angus Duggan

					  14 March 1991 			     PPMTOPJXL(1)

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