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ppmtoeyuv(1)									     ppmtoeyuv(1)

       ppmtoeyuv - convert a portable pixmap into a Berkeley YUV file

       ppmtoeyuv [ppmfile]

       Reads a portable pixmap as input.  Produces a Berkeley Encoder YUV (not the same as Abekas
       YUV) file on the Standard Output file.

       With no argument, takes input from Standard Input.  Otherwise, ppmfile is the file  speci-
       fication of the input file.

       ppmtoeyuv  handles  multi-image	PPM  input  streams,  outputting consecutive eyuv images.
       There must be at least one image, though.

       eyuvtoppm(1), ppmtoyuv(1), ppm(5)

					  April 3, 2000 			     ppmtoeyuv(1)
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