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ppmshift(1)									      ppmshift(1)

       ppmshift - shift lines of a portable pixmap left or right by a random amount

       ppmshift shift [ppmfile]

       Reads a portable pixmap as input. Shifts every row of image data to the left or right by a
       certain amount. The 'shift' parameter determines by how many pixels a row is to be shifted
       at most.

       Another	one  of those effects I intended to use for MPEG tests.  Unfortunately, this pro-
       gram will not help me here - it creates too random patterns to  be  used  for  animations.
       Still, it might give interesting results on still images.

       Check  this out: Save your favourite model's picture from something like alt.binaries.pic-
       tures.supermodels (ok, or from any other picture source), convert it to ppm,  and  process
       it e.g. like this, assuming the picture is 800x600 pixels:
	 # take the upper half, and leave it like it is
	 pnmcut 0 0 800 300 cs.ppm >upper.ppm

	 # take the lower half, flip it upside down, dim it and distort it a little
	 pnmcut 0 300 800 300 cs.ppm | pnmflip -tb | ppmdim 0.7 |
	    ppmshift 10 >lower.ppm

	 # and concatenate the two pieces
	 pnmcat -tb upper.ppm lower.ppm >newpic.ppm
       The  resulting picture looks like the image being reflected on a water surface with slight

       ppm(5), pnmcut(1), pnmflip(1), ppmdim(1), pnmcat(1)

       Copyright (C) 1993 by Frank Neumann

					 16 November 1993			      ppmshift(1)
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