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POOLTYPE(1)									      POOLTYPE(1)

       pooltype - display a WEB pool file

       pooltype pool_file_name

       This  manual page is not meant to be exhaustive.  The complete documentation for this ver-
       sion of TeX can be found in the info file or manual Web2C: A TeX implementation.

       The pooltype program translates a (program-oriented) Web string pool file to a (human-ori-
       ented) text file.

       The  pool_file_name must be complete; no adding of default extensions or path searching is


       Donald E. Knuth wrote the program and originally ported it to Unix. It  was  published  as
       part of the TeXware technical report, available from the TeX Users Group.

Web2C 7.3.1				 27 December 1992			      POOLTYPE(1)
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