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pnmtofits(1)									     pnmtofits(1)

       pnmtofits - convert a portable anymap into FITS format

       pnmtofits [-max f] [-min f] [pnmfile]

       Reads  a portable anymap as input.  Produces a FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) file
       as output.  The resolution of the output file is either 8 bits/pixel,  or  16  bits/pixel,
       depending  on the value of maxval in the input file.  If the input file is a portable bit-
       map or a portable graymap, the output file consists of a single plane image (NAXIS  =  2).
       If  instead  the input file is a portable pixmap, the output file will consist of a three-
       plane image (NAXIS = 3, NAXIS3 = 3).  A full description of the FITS format can	be  found
       in Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series 44 (1981), page 363.

       Flags  -min  and  -max  can  be used to set DATAMAX, DATAMIN, BSCALE and BZERO in the FITS
       header, but do not cause the data to be rescaled.

       fitstopnm(1), pgm(5)

       Copyright (C) 1989 by Wilson H. Bent (whb@hoh-2.att.com), with  modifications  by  Alberto
       Accomazzi (alberto@cfa.harvard.edu).

					    5 Dec 1992				     pnmtofits(1)
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