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pilot-addresses(1)					      General Commands Manual						pilot-addresses(1)

pilot-addresses - read and write address book databases to and from a Palm handheld device, such as those made from Palm, Handspring, Han- dera, TRGPro, Sony or other Palm Compatible Handheld PDA device
pilot-addresses -p <port> [-c category ] [-d category ] [-r file | -w file ] (Note that some options are not shown above)
pilot-addresses allows the user to read all entries in the Palm address book database, write new entries into the database, and delete a category or delete all entries in the database.
The default serial device used to communicate with a Palm is /dev/pilot. If the environment variable $PILOTPORT is set, its value will override the default. A serial device specified on the command-line will be used regardless of any $PILOTPORT setting.
Several options exist, including... -p --port <port>, Use device file port to communicate with the Palm handheld device. If this is not specified, will look for the $PILOTPORT environ- ment variable. If both are not found, will fall back to /dev/pilot. -h --help Display help synopsis for pilot-addresses -v --version Display version of pilot-addresses -a Augments fields in address book records with additional information. The augmented information is placed before and separated from the field with a semi-colon, (;). Augmented information includes: category_name - placed in front of each record or ["Work" | "Home" | "Fax" | "Other" | "E-mail" | "Main" | "Pager" | "Mobile" ] - placed in front of each phone number field. Empty fields are not augmented. -c category Install records to category category by default. Normally pilot-addresses uses Unfiled as the default category. This option is over- ridden by the category specified in the record with the -a option. -d category Delete all records in the specified category before installing new records. -D Delete all address book records in all categories. Obviously, be very careful with this one. -e Escape all special characters with a backslash. This enables you to read and write entries with newline characters in a field or note. -q Causes pilot-addresses to be quiet and not prompt you to press the HotSync button. -r file Reads records from file and install them to the Palm address book database. (Use the -w file to get a template file for input records.) -t delim Include category in each record, use the delimiter specified to separate all fields of a record. Delimiters are specified as fol- lows: 3=tab, 2=;, 1=,. This overrides the default delimiter of comma between fields and semi-colon between a field's augmented information. (Please note that this may generate confusing results when used with the -a option.) -T Write a header line with field titles as the first line of the data file. -w file Get all address book records from the Palm address book database and writes them into file
The program will connect to a target device and port, prompt the user to HotSync, and perform the requested read or write operation speci- fied by the user.
To write all address records in a Palm to the file addrbook.csv: pilot-addresses -w addrbook.csv or pilot-addresses -p /dev/irnine -w addrbook.csv To read the address book records in the file addrbook.csv and install them on a Palm: pilot-addresses -r addrbook.csv To read the address book records in the file addrbook.csv and place them into the Palm address book database category Special after first deleting all current records in the Special category on the palm: pilot-addresses -c Special -d Special -r addrbook.csv
pilot-addresses has no known bugs.
Report bugs at
pilot-addresses originally written by Kenneth Albanowski, manual page was written by Robert Wittig <>. Free Software Foundation Palm Computing Device Tools pilot-addresses(1)

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