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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for pcdindex (redhat section 1)

pcdindex(1)						      General Commands Manual						       pcdindex(1)

pcdindex - create index image for a photo CD
pcdindex [-m width] [-s size] [-a across] [-c colors] [-f font] [-b|-w] [pcdfile]
This program generates an index image for a photo CD, based on the photo CD overview file. You can achieve a similar result with hpcdtoppm -Overview followed by pnmindex -black on the generated PPM images.
-wwidth Maximum width of the result image (default: 1152). -ssize Maximum size of each of the images (default: 192). -aacross Maximum number of images across (default: 6). -ccolors Maximum number of colors, or n to mean no quantization -ffont Font to be used for annotation (default: internal font). -b Black background color (default). -w White background color.
pcdindex -m 768 -s 96 -f smallfont.pbm overview.pcd > overview.ppm pcdindex /cdrom/photo_cd/overview.pcd | ppmtojpeg > overview.jpg
hpcdtoppm(1), pnmindex(1), ppmtojpeg(1), ppm(5) 11 September 2000 pcdindex(1)