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pbmtolj(1)									       pbmtolj(1)

       pbmtolj - convert a PBM image to HP LaserJet format

       pbmtolj	[-resolution  N]  [-float]  [-noreset] [-packbits] [-delta] [-compress] [pbmfile]
       [-copies N]

       Reads a PBM image as input.  Produces HP LaserJet data as output.

       Note that there is no ljtopbm tool.

	      Specifies the resolution of the output device, in dpi.  Typical values are 75, 100,
	      150, 300, and 600.  The default is 75.

       -float Suppresses positioning information.  The default is to write the sequence ESC & l 0
	      E to the output file.

	      Prevents pbmtolj from writing the reset sequences to the beginning and end  of  the
	      output file.

	      Enables use of TIFF packbits compression.

       -delta Enables use of delta-between-rows compression.

	      Enables use of both TIFF packbits, and delta-between-rows compression.

	      Specifies  the  the  number  of copies. The default is 1.  This option controls the
	      "number of copies" printer control; pbmtolj generates only one copy of the image.

       All flags can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.


       Copyright (C) 1988 by Jef Poskanzer and Michael Haberler.   -float  and	-noreset  options
       added by Wim Lewis.  -delta, -packbits, and -compress options added by Dave Platt.

					  22 April 2000 			       pbmtolj(1)
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