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pbmtolj(1)						      General Commands Manual							pbmtolj(1)

pbmtolj - convert a PBM image to HP LaserJet format
pbmtolj [-resolution N] [-float] [-noreset] [-packbits] [-delta] [-compress] [pbmfile] [-copies N]
Reads a PBM image as input. Produces HP LaserJet data as output. Note that there is no ljtopbm tool.
-resolution Specifies the resolution of the output device, in dpi. Typical values are 75, 100, 150, 300, and 600. The default is 75. -float Suppresses positioning information. The default is to write the sequence ESC & l 0 E to the output file. -noreset Prevents pbmtolj from writing the reset sequences to the beginning and end of the output file. -packbits Enables use of TIFF packbits compression. -delta Enables use of delta-between-rows compression. -compress Enables use of both TIFF packbits, and delta-between-rows compression. -copies Specifies the the number of copies. The default is 1. This option controls the "number of copies" printer control; pbmtolj gener- ates only one copy of the image. All flags can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.
Copyright (C) 1988 by Jef Poskanzer and Michael Haberler. -float and -noreset options added by Wim Lewis. -delta, -packbits, and -com- press options added by Dave Platt. 22 April 2000 pbmtolj(1)