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pbmtogo(1)									       pbmtogo(1)

       pbmtogo - convert a portable bitmap into compressed GraphOn graphics

       pbmtogo [pbmfile]

       Reads  a portable bitmap as input.  Produces 2D compressed GraphOn graphics as output.  Be
       sure to set up your GraphOn with the following  modes:  8  bits	/  no  parity;	obeys  no
       XON/XOFF;  NULs are accepted.  These are all on the Comm menu.  Also, remember to turn off
       tty post processing.  Note that there is no gotopbm tool.


       Copyright (C) 1988, 1989 by Jef Poskanzer, Michael Haberler, and Bo Thide'.

					 24 November 1989			       pbmtogo(1)
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