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ogginfo(1)				   Vorbis Tools 			       ogginfo(1)

       ogginfo - gives information about Ogg files, and does extensive validity checking

       ogginfo [ -q ] [ -v ] [ -h ] file1.ogg ...  fileN.ogg

       ogginfo	reads one or more Ogg files and prints information about stream contents (includ-
       ing chained and/or multiplexed streams) to standard output. It will detect (but	not  cor-
       rect)  a  wide  range  of common defects, with many additional checks specifically for Ogg
       Vorbis streams.

       For all stream types ogginfo will print the filename being processed,  the  stream  serial
       numbers, and various common error conditions.

       For  Vorbis  streams, information including the version used for encoding, the sample rate
       and number of channels, the bitrate and playback length, and the contents of  the  comment
       header are printed.

       -h     Show a help and usage message

       -q     Quiet  mode.  This  may  be specified multiple times. Doing so once will remove the
	      detailed informative messages, twice will remove warnings as well.

       -v     Verbose mode. At the current time, this does not do anything.

	      Michael Smith <msmith@labyrinth.net.au>

					  July 10, 2002 			       ogginfo(1)
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