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NBP(1)											   NBP(1)

       nbplkup, nbprgstr, nbpunrgstr - access NBP database

       nbplkup [ -r nresp ] [ nbpname ]

       nbprgstr [ -p port ] nbpname

       nbpunrgstr nbpname

       nbprgstr  registers  nbpname with atalkd(8), at the given port.	nbpunrgstr informs atalkd
       that nbpname is no longer to be advertised.

       nbplkup displays up to nresp (default 1000) entities registered on the AppleTalk internet.
       nbpname	is parsed by nbp_name(3).  An `=' for the object or type matches anything, and an
       `*' for zone means the local zone. The default values are taken from the NBPLKUP  environ-
       ment variable, parsed as an nbpname.

       Find all devices of type LaserWriter in the local zone.

	      example% nbplkup :LaserWriter
			     Petoskey:LaserWriter	 7942.129:218
			   Gloucester:LaserWriter	 8200.188:186
			       Rahway:LaserWriter	 7942.2:138
			   517 Center:LaserWriter	 7942.2:132
				ionia:LaserWriter	 7942.2:136
		   Evil DEC from Hell:LaserWriter	 7942.2:130
			    Hamtramck:LaserWriter	 7942.2:134
		       Iron Mountain :LaserWriter	 7942.128:250

       nbp_name(3), atalkd(8).

netatalk 1.2				   17 Dec 1991					   NBP(1)
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