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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for lrelease (redhat section 1)

lrelease(1)						      General Commands Manual						       lrelease(1)

lrelease - generate Qt message files from Qt Linguist translation files
lrelease [ options ] project-file lrelease [ options ] ts-files
This page documents the Qt Linguist Release tool for the Qt GUI toolkit. Lrelease reads a qmake/tmake project file (.pro file) and con- verts the translation files (.ts files) specified in it into Qt message files (.qm files) used by the application to translate. The .qm file format is a compact binary format that provides extremely fast lookups for translations and that is used by Qt.
-help Display the usage and exit. -verbose Explain what is being done. -version Display the version of lrelease and exit.
Here is an example .pro file that can be given to lrelease: HEADERS = funnydialog.h \ wackywidget.h SOURCES = funnydialog.cpp \ main.cpp \ wackywidget.cpp FORMS = fancybox.ui TRANSLATIONS = gnomovision_dk.ts \ gnomovision_fi.ts \ gnomovision_no.ts \ gnomovision_se.ts When running lrelease on this project file, the Qt message files gnomovision_dk.qm, gnomovision_fi.qm, gnomovision_no.qm and gnomovi- sion_se.qm will be generated from gnomovision_dk.ts, gnomovision_fi.ts, gnomovision_no.ts and gnomovision_se.ts, respectively. Lrelease can also be invoked with a list of .ts files to convert: lrelease gnomovision_*.ts
lupdate(1) and Trolltech AS 18 October 2001 lrelease(1)

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