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install-user(1) 					      General Commands Manual						   install-user(1)

install-user - reads or sets a Palm UserName and UserID on a Palm Device
install-user -p /dev/pilot -u <username> -i <id>
install-user allows the user to read or change the User Name on the Pilot connected to the specified callout device. OPTIONS -p --port <port>, Use device file port to communicate with the Palm handheld device. If this is not specified, will look for the $PILOTPORT environ- ment variable. If both are not found, will fall back to /dev/pilot. -h --help Display help synopsis for install-user -v --version Display version of install-user -u --user <username>, Set the username, use quotes for spaces, as in "John Q. Public" -i --id <userid>, Set the 5-digit numeric UserID on the device (used in many application registration schemes)
The program will connect to a target Palm handheld device, and read or set the Palm UserName specified or display the Palm username and UserID if none is specified.
install-user has no known bugs.
Report bugs at
install-user was originally written by D. Jeff Dionne <> Free Software Foundation Palm Computing Device Tools install-user(1)