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install-memo(1) 								  install-memo(1)

       install-memo - installs a new memo in a Palm Computing Device

       install-memo -p <port> [-c category ] filename [filename filename ...]

       install-memo  allows  the  user to write one or more files as a new memo or memos, respec-
       tively, onto the Palm handheld device.

       -p --port <port>,
	      Use device file port to communicate with the Palm handheld device. If this  is  not
	      specified,  will	look  for  the	$PILOTPORT  environment variable. If both are not
	      found, will fall back to /dev/pilot.

       -h --help
	      Display help synopsis for install-memo

       -v --version
	      Display version of install-memo

       -c category
	      Install memo(s) to category category by default. Normally install-memo uses Unfiled
	      as the default category.

       -q     Causes install-memo to be quiet and not prompt you to press the HotSync button.

       -r     Replace all memos in the category specified by the -c category option.

       -t     Use  the	filename  as  the  title  for the memo. (The title is the first line of a

       The program will connect to the Palm handheld device, and write the file or files given on
       the command line into the MemoPad application on the Palm.

       The Palm Device may have a maximum length on memo sizes.

       Report bugs at http://bugs.pilot-link.org/

       install-memo was written by Damien P. Neil <neild@rpi.edu>

Free Software Foundation	   Palm Computing Device Tools			  install-memo(1)
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