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install-hinote(1)					      General Commands Manual						 install-hinote(1)

install-hinote - installs a new Hi-Note in a Palm Device
install-hinote -p <port> filename [filename filename ...] -c <category>
install-hinote allows the user to write one or more files as a new Hi-Note or into the Hi-Notes Palm application itself, on the Palm hand- held device. Please see for more information on Hi-Note. OPTIONS -p --port <port>, Use device file <port> to communicate with the Palm handheld device. If this is not specified, will look for the $PILOTPORT environ- ment variable. If both are not found, will fall back to /dev/pilot -h --help Display help synopsis for install-hinote -v --version Display version of install-hinote -c --category <category>, Write files to <category> in the Hi-NOte application
The program will connect to a target Palm handheld device, and writes the file or files given on the command line into the Hi-Note applica- tion.
The Palm Device may have a maximum length on Hi-Note sizes.
Report bugs at
install-hinote was written by Bill Goodman <> Free Software Foundation Palm Computing Device Tools install-hinote(1)