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INNMAIL(1)			    InterNetNews Documentation			       INNMAIL(1)

       innmail - Simple mail-sending program

       innmail [-h] [-s subject] address [address ...]

       innmail is a Perl script intended to provide the non-interactive mail-sending functional-
       ity of mail(1) while avoiding nasty security problems.  It takes the body of a mail mes-
       sage on standard input and sends it to the specified addresses by invoking the value of
       mta in inn.conf.

       At least one address (formatted for the MTA specified in inn.conf if it matters) is
       required.  innmail will sanitize the addresses so that they contain only alphanumerics and
       the symbols "@", ".", "-", "+", "_", and "%".

       innmail was written to be suitable for the mailcmd setting in inn.conf.

       -h  Gives usage information.

       -s subject
	   Sets the Subject: header of the message.  A warning is issued if this option is omit-

       This sends a one-line message to the local user "joe":

	   echo "A one-line message." | innmail -s "Simple message" joe

       innmail by default is used by INN for sending nightly reports and control message reports.

       innmail fails on addresses that begin with "-", although one might hope that the news
       server will not need to contact any such addresses.

       There are many "correct" addresses that will be silently modified by the sanitization
       process.  A news administrator should be careful to use particularly sane addresses if
       they may be passed to innmail.

       innmail was written by James Brister <brister@vix.com> for InterNetNews.  This manual page
       was originally written by Jeffrey M. Vinocur.

       inn.conf(5), mail(1).

3rd Berkeley Distribution		    INN 2.3.2				       INNMAIL(1)
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