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g3topbm(1)						      General Commands Manual							g3topbm(1)

g3topbm - convert a Group 3 fax file into a portable bitmap SYNOPSIS
g3topbm [-kludge] [-reversebits] [-stretch] [g3file] DESCRIPTION
Reads a Group 3 fax file as input. Produces a portable bitmap as output. OPTIONS
-kludge Tells g3topbm to ignore the first few lines of the file; sometimes fax files have some junk at the beginning. -reversebits Tells g3topbm to interpret bits least-significant first, instead of the default most-significant first. Apparently some fax modems do it one way and others do it the other way. If you get a whole bunch of "bad code word" messages, try using this flag. -stretch Tells g3topbm to stretch the image vertically by duplicating each row. This is for the low-quality transmission mode. All flags can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix. REFERENCES
The standard for Group 3 fax is defined in CCITT Recommendation T.4. BUGS
Probably. SEE ALSO
pbmtog3(1), pbm(5) AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 1989 by Paul Haeberli <>. 02 October 1989 g3topbm(1)

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