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FREE(1) 			       Linux User's Manual				  FREE(1)

       free - display information about free and used memory on the system

       free [-b|-k|-m|-g] [-l] [-o] [-t] [-s delay ] [-c count ]

       free(1)	displays  the total amount of free and used physical memory and swap space in the
       system, as well as the buffers and cache consumed by the kernel.

       Normal invocation of free(1) does not require any options.  The output,	however,  can  be
       fine-tuned by specifying one or more of the following flags:

       -b, --bytes
	      Display output in bytes.

       -k, --kb
	      Display output in kilobytes (KB).  This is the default.

       -m, --mb
	      Display output in megabytes (MB).

       -g, --gb
	      Display output in gigabytes (GB).

       -l, --lowhigh
	      Display detailed information about low vs. high memory usage.

       -o, --old
	      Use old format.  Specifically, do not display -/+ buffers/cache.

       -t, --total
	      Display total summary for physical memory + swap space.

       -c n, --count=n
	      Display  statistics  n  times,  then  exit.   Used in conjunction with the -s flag.
	      Default is to display only once, unless -s was specified, in which case default  is
	      to repeat until interrupted.

       -s n, --repeat=n
	      Repeat, pausing every n seconds in-between.

       -V, --version
	      Display version information and exit.

       --help Display usage information and exit

       /proc/meminfo -- memory information

       ps(1), top(1), vmstat(1)

       Written by Robert Love.

       The  procps  package  is  maintained  by  Rik  van Riel and Robert Love and was created by
       Michael Johnson.

       Send bug reports to <procps-list@redhat.com>.

Linux					   18 Nov 2002					  FREE(1)
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