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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for eruby (redhat section 1)

eruby(1)						      General Commands Manual							  eruby(1)

eruby - Embedded Ruby Language
eruby [options] [inputfile]
eruby interprets a Ruby code embedded text file. For example, eruby enables you to embed a Ruby code to a HTML file. A Ruby block starts with `<%' and ends with `%>'. eRuby replaces the block with its output. If `<%' is followed by `=', eRuby replaces the block with a value of the block. If `<%' is followed by `#', the block is ignored as a comment.
-d, --debug set debugging flags (set $DEBUG to true) -Kkcode specifies KANJI (Japanese) code-set -Mmode specifies runtime mode f: filter mode c: CGI mode n: NPH-CGI mode -C charset specifies charset parameter for Content-Type -n, --noheader disables CGI header output -v, --verbose enables verbose mode --version print version information and exit
Shugo Maeda <> September 2000 eruby(1)

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