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bdftruncate(1) [redhat man page]

bdftruncate(1)							      XFree86							    bdftruncate(1)

bdftruncate - generate truncated BDF font from ISO 10646-1-encoded BDF font SYNOPSIS
bdftruncate threshold < source.bdf > destination.bdf DESCRIPTION
bdftruncate allows one to generate from an ISO10646-1 encoded BDF font other ISO10646-1 BDF fonts in which all characters above a threshold code value are stored unencoded. This is often desirable because the Xlib API and X11 protocol data structures used for representing font metric information are extremely inefficient when handling sparsely populated fonts. EXAMPLE
The command bdftruncate 0x3200 < 6x13.bdf > 6x13t.bdf will generate the file 6x13t.bdf in which all glyphs with codes >= 0x3200 will only be stored unencoded (i.e., they are encoded at code- point -1). SEE ALSO
ucs2any(1) AUTHOR
bdftruncate was written by Markus Kuhn. Branden Robinson wrote this manual page, originally for the Debian Project. XFree86 Version Version 4.3.0 bdftruncate(1)

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