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backend(1)						      Easy Software Products							backend(1)

backend - cups backend transmission interfaces
backend job user title num-copies options [ filename ]
The CUPS backend interface provides a standard method for sending document files to different physical interfaces. Backends must be capable of reading from a filename on the command-line or from the standard input, copying the standard input to a tempo- rary file if required by the physical interface. The command name (argv[0]) is set to the device URI of the destination printer.
The following environment variables are defined by the CUPS server when executing the backend: CHARSET The default text character set (typically us-ascii or iso-8859-1). CLASS When a job is submitted to a printer class, contains the name of the destination printer class. Otherwise this environment variable will not be set. CONTENT_TYPE The MIME type associated with the file (e.g. application/postscript). CUPS_DATADIR The directory where data files can be found. CUPS_SERVERROOT The root directory of the server. DEVICE_URI The device-uri associated with the printer; this is provided for shell scripts which may not be able to get the passed argv[0] string. LANG The default language locale (typically C or en). PATH The standard execution path for external programs that may be run by the backend. PPD The full pathname of the PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file for this printer. PRINTER The name of the printer. RIP_CACHE The recommended amount of memory to use for Raster Image Processors (RIPs). SOFTWARE The name and version number of the server (typically CUPS/1.1). TZ The timezone of the server. USER The user executing the backend (typically lp).
cupsd(8), filter(1) CUPS Interface Design Description, CUPS Software Administrators Manual, CUPS Software Programmers Manual, http://local- host:631/documentation.html
Copyright 1993-2002 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved. 22 June 2000 Common UNIX Printing System backend(1)