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allcm(1)							       teTeX								  allcm(1)

allneeded - force the calculation of all fonts now needed SYNOPSIS
allneeded [-r] files ... DESCRIPTION
allneeded forces the calculation of all fonts that are needed to preview a set of dvi files. Just specify where the program should search for files on the commandline. The fonts generation is triggered by running dvips(1) over all accessible dvi-files. Therefore, the fonts are created in the resolution needed by dvips. If the -r flag is specified, the command dvired(1) will be used instead of dvips. allneeded does not recalculate existing fonts (as long as the Metafont mode does not change). SEE ALSO
alldc(1), allcm(1), dvips(1), dvired(1), fontimport(1), fontexport(1). AUTHOR
Dirk Hillbrecht ( teTeX 11/94 allcm(1)

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kpsetool(1)							       teTeX							       kpsetool(1)

kpsetool - script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available SYNOPSIS
kpsetool [ OPTIONS... ] COMMAND kpsexpand [ OPTIONS... ] STRING kpsepath [ OPTIONS... ] PATHTYPE DESCRIPTION
kpsetool is a Bourne shell script that makes a teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available. kpsetool uses web2c's (new) kpsex- pand binary, so the syntax for kpsexpand is incompatible with teTeX's as of version 0.4. OPTIONS
-m mode set Metafont mode -n progname pretend to be progname to kpathsea -p act like kpsepath(1) -v act like kpsexpand(1) -w act like kpsewhich(1) USAGE
PATHTYPE can be base Metafont memory dump bib BibTeX bibliography source bst BibTeX style files cnf Kpathsea runtime configuration files dvips_config dvips config files dvips_header dvips header files fmt TeX memory dump gf generic font bitmap mem MetaPost memory dump mf Metafont source mfpool Metafont program strings mp MetaPost source mppool MetaPost program strings mpsupport MetaPost support files pict Other kinds of figures pk packed bitmap font tex TeX source texpool TeX program strings tfm TeX font metrics troff_font troff fonts vf virtual font SEE ALSO
kpsewhich(1) Kpathsea: A library for path searching (info or DVI file) Web page: <> BUGS
None known, but report any bugs found to <> (mailing list). AUTHOR
kpsetool was written by Thomas Esser <> in March, 1997. kpsetool is in the public domain. This manual page was written by C.M. Connelly <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system. It may be used by other distributions with- out contacting the author. Any mistakes or omissions in the manual page are my fault; inquiries about or corrections to this manual page should be directed to me (and not to the primary author). teTeX September 2000 kpsetool(1)
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