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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for afslog (redhat section 1)

AFSLOG(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				AFSLOG(1)

     afslog -- obtains AFS tokens for specified cells

     afslog [-d] [-c cell] [-k realm] [-p path] [-unlog] [-createuser] [args]

     The afslog command obtains AFS tokens, args are either a name of a cell or a pathnames of a
     file in the cell to get tokens for. If an argument is .  or .. or contains a slash it is
     assumed to be a pathname. Otherwise it is assumed to be a name of a cell or a prefix

     The -c and -p flags can be used to resolve ambiguities.

     afslog might fail to guess the Kerberos realm to get tickets for (for instance if the volume
     location servers of the cell does not reside in the kerberos realm that holds the AFS ser-
     vice key, and the correct realm isn't the same as the cell name or the local realm (I didn't
     say this was a common problem)). Anyway, the -k can be used to give a hint. It should not be
     used unless there is a problem, since all tickets will be taken from the specified realm and
     this is not (usually) what you want.

     -createuser means that afslog should try to run pts to create a remote user principal in
     another cell.  -d can be used for debugging.

     If the -unlog flag is given any tokens are removed and all other arguments are ignored.

     kauth(1), krbafs(3)

     It should be able to handle the MIT Athena aklog flags -hosts, -zsubs, and -noprdb, but does

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