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AFPPASSWD(1)									     AFPPASSWD(1)

       afppasswd - netatalk password maintenance utility

       afppasswd [ -acfn ] [ -p passwd file ] [ -u minimum uid ]

       afppasswd  allows  the  maintenance of afppasswd files created by netatalk for use by some
       User Authentication Modules (UAMs)

       afppasswd can either be called by root with parameters, or can be called by  local  system
       users with no parameters to change their passwords.

       Local user changing their own password:

		   example% afppasswd
		   Enter NEW AFP password: (hidden)
		   Enter NEW AFP password again: (hidden)
		   afppasswd: updated password.

       -a     Add a new user to the afppasswd file.

       -c     Create and/or initialize afppasswd file or specific user.

       -f     Force the current action.

       -p path
	      Path to afppasswd file.

       -n     If cracklib support is built into netatalk this option will cause cracklib checking
	      to be disabled, if the superuser does not want to have the password run against the
	      cracklib dictionary.

       -u minimum uid
	      This is the minimum user id (uid) that afppasswd will use when creating users.

       afpd(8), atalkd(8).

netatalk 1.5				   03 Aug 2000				     AFPPASSWD(1)
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