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AECHO(1)										 AECHO(1)

       aecho - send AppleTalk Echo Protocol packets to network hosts

       aecho [ -c count ] ( address | nbpname )

       aecho  repeatedly  sends  an Apple Echo Protocol (AEP) packet to the host specified by the
       given AppleTalk address or nbpname and reports whether a reply was received.  Requests are
       sent at the rate of one per second.

       address	is  parsed  by	atalk_aton(3).	 nbpname  is parsed by nbp_name(3).  The nbp type
       defaults to `Workstation'.

       When aecho is terminated, it reports the number of packets sent, the number  of	responses
       received,  and  the percentage of packets lost.	If any responses were received, the mini-
       mum, average, and maximum round trip times are reported.

       Check to see if a particular host is up and responding to AEP packets:

		   example% aecho bloodsport
		   11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=0. time=10. ms
		   11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=1. time=10. ms
		   11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=2. time=10. ms
		   11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=3. time=10. ms
		   11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=4. time=10. ms
		   11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=5. time=9. ms
		   ----8195.13 AEP Statistics----
		   6 packets sent, 6 packets received, 0% packet loss
		   round-trip (ms)  min/avg/max = 9/9/10

       -c count
	      Stop after count packets.

       ping(1), atalk_aton(3), nbp_name(3), atalkd(8).

netatalk 1.2				   17 Dec 1991					 AECHO(1)
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