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AECHO(1)						      General Commands Manual							  AECHO(1)

aecho - send AppleTalk Echo Protocol packets to network hosts
aecho [ -c count ] ( address | nbpname )
aecho repeatedly sends an Apple Echo Protocol (AEP) packet to the host specified by the given AppleTalk address or nbpname and reports whether a reply was received. Requests are sent at the rate of one per second. address is parsed by atalk_aton(3). nbpname is parsed by nbp_name(3). The nbp type defaults to `Workstation'. When aecho is terminated, it reports the number of packets sent, the number of responses received, and the percentage of packets lost. If any responses were received, the minimum, average, and maximum round trip times are reported.
Check to see if a particular host is up and responding to AEP packets: example% aecho bloodsport 11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=0. time=10. ms 11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=1. time=10. ms 11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=2. time=10. ms 11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=3. time=10. ms 11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=4. time=10. ms 11 bytes from 8195.13: aep_seq=5. time=9. ms ^C ----8195.13 AEP Statistics---- 6 packets sent, 6 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip (ms) min/avg/max = 9/9/10
-c count Stop after count packets.
ping(1), atalk_aton(3), nbp_name(3), atalkd(8). netatalk 1.2 17 Dec 1991 AECHO(1)