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gphoto2(1) [redhat man page]

GPHOTO2(1)																GPHOTO2(1)

gphoto2 - command-line gphoto2 client SYNOPSIS
gphoto2 [--debug] [-q | --quiet] [-v | --verbose] [-h | --help] [--list-cameras] [--usb-usermap-script NAME] [--print-usb-usermap] [--list-ports] [--stdout] [--stdout-size] [--auto-detect] [--port PATH] [--speed SPEED] [--camera MODEL] [--filename FILENAME] [--usbid USBID] [-a | --abilities] [--folder FOLDER] [[-R | --recurse] | --norecurse] [-l | --list-folders] [-L | --list-files] [-m NAME | --mkdir NAME] [-r NAME | --rmdir NAME] [-n | --num-files] [-p RANGE | --get-file RANGE] [-P | --get-all-files] [-t RANGE | --get-thumbnail RANGE] [-T | --get-all-thumbnails] [-r RANGE | --get-raw-data RANGE] [--get-all-raw-data] [--get-audio-data RANGE] [--get-all-audio-data] [-d RANGE | --delete-file RANGE] [-D | --delete-all-files] [-u FILENAME | --upload-file FILENAME] [--capture-preview] [--capture-image] [--capture-movie] [--capture-sound] [--capture-show-info RANGE] [--summary] [--manual] [--about] [--shell] DESCRIPTION
gphoto2(3) is a cross-platform digital camera library, and gphoto2(1) is a command-line client for it. Where an option takes a range of files, thumbnails, or other data, they are numbered beginning at 1. A range is a comma-separated list of numbers or spans (``first-last''). Ranges are XOR (exclusive or), so that ``1-5,3,7'' is equivalent to ``1,2,4,5,7''. --debug Turn on debugging. -q, --quiet Quiet output (default=verbose). -v, --version Display version and exit. -h, --help Display a short usage message. --list-cameras List supported camera models. --usb-usermap-script NAME Use NAME as the hotplug usb script used in the output of --print-usb-usermap. Default is "usbcam". --print-usb-usermap For every camera supported by your version of gphoto2, print the corresponding line for inclusion into the usb.usermap hotplug con- fig file. The script name used in these lines is specified with the --usb-usermap-script option. --list-ports List supported port devices. --stdout Send file to stdout. --stdout-size Print filesize before data. --auto-detect List auto-detected cameras. --port PATH Specify port device. --speed SPEED Specify serial transfer speed. --camera MODEL Specify camera model. Most model names contain spaces: remember to enclose the name in quotes so that the shell knows it is one parameter. For example: --camera "Kodak DC240". --filename FILENAME Specify a filename. --usbid USBID (Expert only) Override USB IDs. -a, --abilities Display camera abilities. -f, --folder FOLDER Specify camera folder (default="/"). -R, --recurse Recursion (default for download). --no-recurse No recursion (default for deletion). -l, --list-folders List folders in folder. -L, --list-files List files in folder. -m, --mkdir NAME Create a directory. -r, --rmdir NAME Remove a directory. -n, --num-files Display number of files. -p, --get-file RANGE Get files given in range. -P, --get-all-files Get all files from folder. -t, --get-thumbnail RANGE Get thumbnails given in range. -T, --get-all-thumbnails Get all thumbnails from folder. -r, --get-raw-data RANGE Get raw data given in range. --get-all-raw-data Get all raw data from folder. --get-audio-data RANGE Get audio data given in range. --get-all-audio-data Get all audio data from folder. --delete-files RANGE Delete files given in range. --delete-all-files Delete all files in folder. -u, --upload-file FILENAME Upload a file to camera. --capture-preview Capture a quick preview. --capture-image Capture an image. --capture-movie Capture a movie. --capture-sound Capture an audio clip. --show-info RANGE Show info. --summary Summary of camera status. --manual Camera driver manual. --about About the camera driver. --shell Start the gphoto2 shell, an interactive environment. See SHELL MODE for a detailed description. SHELL MODE
The following commands are available: cd Change to a directory on the camera. lcd Change to a directory on the local machine. exit, quit, q Exit the gphoto2 shell. get Download the file to the current directory. get-thumbnail Download the thumbnail to the current directory. get-raw Download raw data to the current directory. show-info Show information. delete Delete a file or directory. show-exif Show EXIF information (only if compiled with EXIF support). help, ? Displays command usage. ls List the contents of the current directory on the camera. SEE ALSO
gphoto2(3), gphoto2.txt, gphoto2-cli.txt, EXAMPLES
gphoto2 --list-files List files on camera. gphoto2 --get-file 7-13 Get files number 7 through 13 from the list output by gphoto2 --list-files. gphoto2 --usb-usermap-script gphoto2cam --print-usb-usermap >> /etc/hotplug/usb.usermap Append a line to the hotplug config file /etc/hotplug/usb.usermap for every supported camera, using /etc/hotplug/usb/gphoto2cam for setting up permissions correctly. AUTHOR
The gPhoto2 Team. Man page edited by Tim Waugh <>. February 2002 GPHOTO2(1)

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