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GNUCASH(1)							       1.8.1								GNUCASH(1)

gnucash - personal finance manager SYNOPSIS
gnucash [options] [ accounts.gnc ] DESCRIPTION
GnuCash is a personal accounting package that allows you to record and track income, expenses, assets, and investments. It supports recon- ciliation, has substantial reporting capabilities, and is extensible using guile. It can import QIF data from Quicken(TM) and many other commercial accounting packages. It uses GTK+ and GNOME to provide an attractive user interface, and has extensive online help. OPTIONS
--version Show GnuCash version --usage Show GnuCash usage information --help Show this help message --debug Enable debugging mode --loglevel Set the logging level from 0 (least) to 6 (most) --nofile Do not load the last file opened --config-dir Set configuration directory --share-dir Set shared directory --load-path Set the search path for .scm files --doc-path Set the search path for documentation files --evaluate Evaluate the guile command --load Load the given .scm file --add-price-quote Add price quotes to the given data file --load-user-config Load the user configuration --load-system-config Load the system configuration --rpc-server Run the RPC Server FILES
~/.gnucash/ Automatically generated per-user configuration file. DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY! ENVIRONMENT
GNC_DEBUG Enable debugging output. This allows you to turn on the debugging earlier in the startup process than you can with --debug. GUILE_LOAD_PATH An override for the GnuCash scheme load path. You shouldn't need to alter this. For more information see the README file. GNC_MODULE_PATH An override for the GnuCash scheme load path for Gnucash modules. You shouldn't need to alter this. For more information see the README file. BUGS
Please report any bugs using the bug reporting form on the GnuCash web site. SEE ALSO
GnuCash has extensive on-line help available from the "help" menu. Additional information and the latest version is available at the web site: AUTHOR
Robert Merkel <> wrote this manpage. GnuCash was written by Robin Clark, Linas Vepstas, and a cast of thousands. Version February 2003 GNUCASH(1)

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GUILE(1)						      General Commands Manual							  GUILE(1)

guile - a Scheme interpreter SYNOPSIS
guile [-q] [-ds] [--help] [--version] [--emacs] [--debug] [-l FILE] [-e FUNCTION] [] [-c EXPR] [-s SCRIPT] [--] DESCRIPTION
GNU Guile is an interpreter for the Scheme programming language. It implements R5RS, providing additional features necessary for real- world use. It is extremely simple to embed guile into a C program, calling C from Scheme and Scheme from C. Guile's design makes it very suitable for use as an "extension" or "glue" language, but it also works well as a stand-alone scheme development environment. The guile executable itself provides a stand-alone interpreter for scheme programs, for either interactive use or executing scripts. This manpage provides only brief instruction in invoking guile from the command line. Please consult the guile info documentation (type info guile at a command prompt) for more information. There is also a tutorial (info guile-tut) available. OPTIONS
-l Load scheme source code from file. -e After reading script, apply FUNCTION to command-line arguments -ds do -s SCRIPT at this point (note that this argument must be used in conjuction with -s) --help Describe command line options and exit --debug Start guile with debugging evaluator and backtraces enabled (useful for debugging guile scripts) --version Display guile version and exit. --emacs Enable emacs protocol for use from within emacs (experimental) -- Stop argument processing, start guile in interactive mode. -c Stop argument processing, evaluate EXPR as a scheme expression. -s Load Scheme source from SCRIPT-FILE and execute as a script. ENVIRONMENT
GUILE_LOAD_PATH If $GUILE_LOAD_PATH is set, its value is used to agument the path to search for scheme files when loading. It should be a colon separated list of directories which will be prepended to the default %load-path. FILES
~/.guile is a guile script that is executed before any other processing occurs. For example, the following .guile activates guile's read- line interface: (use-modules (ice-9 readline)) (activate-readline) SEE ALSO
The full documentation for guile is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and guile programs are properly installed at your site, the command info guile should give you access to the complete manual. provides a general introduction to the Scheme language. AUTHORS
Robert Merkel <> wrote this manpage. Rob Browning <> has added to it. guile is GNU software. Guile is originally based on Aubrey Jaffer's SCM interpreter, and is the work of many individuals. GUILE(1)
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