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411toppm(1)									      411toppm(1)

       411toppm - convert Sony Mavica .411 image to PPM

       411toppm [-width width] [-height height] [411file]

       All options may be abbreviated to the shortest unique prefix.

       Reads  a  .411  file,  such as from a Sony Mavic camera, and converts it to a PPM image as

       Output is to Standard Output.

       The  originator	of  this  program  and	decipherer  of	the  .411  format,  Steve   Allen
       <sla@alumni.caltech.edu>,  has  this to say about the utility of this program: "There's so
       little image in a 64x48 thumbnail (especially when you have the full size JPG  file)  that
       the  only  point  in  doing  this was to answer the implicit challenge posed by the manual
       stating that only the camera can use these files."

       -width The width (number of columns) of the input image.  Default is 64.

	      The height (number of rows) of the input image.  Default is 48.


					  03 March 2001 			      411toppm(1)
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