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Plan 9 - man page for mugs (plan9 section 9)

MUGS(9.1)										MUGS(9.1)

       mugs -  make face icons from pictures

       mugs [ -a ] [ -1 ] [ -2 ] [ file ]

       Mugs  interactively  converts  grey-scale  images  in  the form of picfile(9.6) into 48x48
       icons.  It is designed to run in a pipe, reading the picture from standard input unless	a
       single  file  is  given	on the call.  Mugs displays a large approximation to the original
       picture and a matrix of 48x48 icons of varying contrast and brightness.	Button 1  selects
       one of the icons.  Button 2 offers the menu entries:

       in     Zoom  in	to  a finer contrast/brightness range around the selected icon.  Repeated
	      ins will zoom in farther.

       out    Opposite of in.

       reset  Set the brightness/contrast range to the maximum.

       Both in and out preserve the brightness/contrast values in the selected	icon.	Button	3
       presents a menu with entries:

       window Select  a square window in the large picture using button 3.  Touch down at the top
	      and center of the square and  slide  around  to  adjust  its  size.   Appropriately
	      cropped icons will be displayed.

       depth  Toggle between 1- and 2-bit deep icons.

       write  Write  the  selected icon to standard output.  Each write produces 48 lines of text
	      suitable for initializing an array in C.	1-bit deep icons produce three shorts per
	      line; 2-bit depths are written as three longs per line.

       abort  Terminate mugs with a non-blank error return.

       finish Terminate with a null status return.

       Option  -a  indicates that picture files have non-square pixels with aspect ratio 1.25, as
       produced by some frame grabbers.  Normally pixels are assumed to be  square.   -1  and  -2
       select the initial depth of the icons.  -2 is default.




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