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GETCMAP(9.2)									     GETCMAP(9.2)

       getcmap - read a color map from a file

       #include <libg.h>

       #include <fb.h>

       int getcmap(char *name, uchar *map)

       Getcmap	retrieves the named colormap and stores it in map.  Usually name is the name of a
       colormap file (see cmap(9.6)) or a picfile with a CMAP= attribute.  If  the  file  is  not
       found, it is sought in /lib/fb/cmap.

       If  the	file cannot be found, and its name has the form gammanumber, a colormap is fabri-
       cated with all three channels of its nth entry set to 255x(n/255)1/number.  If the name is
       just gamma, number=2.3 is assumed.

       There is no putcmap, because write (in read(2)) can do the job.


       cmap(9.6), picfile(9.6) rgbpix(2)

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