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INIT(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   INIT(8)

init - initialize machine upon booting SYNOPSIS
/$cputype/init [ -ctm ] [ command ... ] DESCRIPTION
Init initializes the machine: it establishes the name space (see namespace(4) and newns in auth(2)), and environment (see env(3)) and starts a shell (rc(1)) on the console. If a command is supplied, that is run instead of the shell. On a CPU server the invoked shell runs cpurc(8) before accepting commands on the console; on a terminal, it runs termrc and then the user's profile. Options -t (terminal) and -c (CPU) force the behavior to correspond to the specified service class. Otherwise init uses the value of the environment variable $service to decide the service class. Init sets environment variables $service (either to the incoming value or according to -t or -c), $objtype (to the value of $cputype), $user (to the contents of #c/user), and $timezone (to the contents of /adm/timezone/local). With option -m init starts only an interactive shell regardless of the command or service class. On a CPU server, init requires the machine's password to be supplied before starting rc on the console. Init is invoked by boot(8), which sets the arguments as appropriate. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/init.c SEE ALSO
rc(1), auth(2), boot(8) INIT(8)

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service(8)						      System Manager's Manual							service(8)

service - run a System V init script SYNOPSIS
service SCRIPT COMMAND [OPTIONS] service --status-all service --help | -h | --version DESCRIPTION
service runs a System V init script in as predictable an environment as possible, removing most environment variables and with the current working directory set to /. The SCRIPT parameter specifies a System V init script, located in /etc/init.d/SCRIPT. The supported values of COMMAND depend on the invoked script. service passes COMMAND and OPTIONS to the init script unmodified. All scripts should support at least the start and stop commands. As a special case, if COMMAND is --full-restart, the script is run twice, first with the stop command, then with the start com- mand. service --status-all runs all init scripts, in alphabetical order, with the status command. EXIT CODES
service calls the init script and returns the status returned by it. FILES
/etc/init.d The directory containing System V init scripts. ENVIRONMENT
LANG, TERM The only environment variables passed to the init scripts. SEE ALSO
/etc/init.d/skeleton, update-rc.d(8), init(8), invoke-rc.d(8). Jan 2006 service(8)
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