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BTRACE(8)										BTRACE(8)

       btrace - trace bitblt protocol

       btrace [ -d [ d ]] [ -o ofile ] [ -b bfile ]

       Btrace  eavesdrops on messages to and from /dev/bitblt, interprets them as messages in the
       bit device protocol (see bit(3)), and prints a readable version of the messages on a trace
       file,  btrace.out by default.  After btrace is started, it runs in the background, tracing
       all subsequent graphics programs run in that window.  Options for btrace are:

       -o ofile  Print trace output in ofile instead of btrace.out.

       -b bfile  Dump each bitmap read or written to bfile, using the format of bitmap(6).   Each
		 succeeding bitmap overwrites the previous contents of file.  Tweak(1) or showim-
		 age(7) can be used to examine the file.

       -d	 Increase the level of trace detail.  The maximum level is -dd.



       bit(3), bitmap(6), graphics(2), tweak(1), showimage(7)

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