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SHOWIMAGE(7)									     SHOWIMAGE(7)

       showimage - bitmap displayer, colormap changer

       showimage [ option ] [ file ...	]

       Showimage displays the bitmap contained in file in the top left corner of the current win-
       dow.  It goes to the next file when any character is typed, exiting when there are no more
       files.  The options, all of which require no file, are:

       -c     Load  the standard Plan 9 colormap, if this is an 8-bit display.	The standard col-
	      ormap takes the value of a pixel byte and uses the top 3 bits for red darkness, the
	      next  3  bits for green darkness, and the final 2 for blue darkness.  So 0 is white
	      and 255 is black.  Exceptions: pixels 85 and 170 are intermediate grey  values,  so
	      that 2-bit-per-pixel grey scale images look right.

       -g     Load the colormap with a linear grey scale, from 0 (white) to max (black).

       -r     Load the colormap with a reverse linear grey scale, from 0 (black) to max (white).

	      Load the colormap from the file mapfile.	See rgbpix(2) for the format.

       -d     Dump the current colormap to standard output in the format of rgbpix(2).

	      Some sample pictures.


       graphics(2), rgbpix(2), intro(9), getmap(9.1)

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