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Plan 9 - man page for auth (plan9 section 8)

AUTH(8) 			     System Manager's Manual				  AUTH(8)

       changeuser, wrkey, convkeys, printnetkey, status, auth.srv, guard.srv - maintain authenti-
       cation databases

       auth/changeuser [-np] user


       auth/convkeys [-p] keyfile

       auth/printnetkey user

       auth/status user



       These administrative commands run only on the authentication server.   Changeuser  manipu-
       lates  an authentication database file system served by keyfs(4) and used by file servers.
       There are two authentication databases, one holding information about Plan 9 accounts  and
       one  holding  SecureNet	keys.  A user need not be installed in both databases but must be
       installed in the Plan 9 database to connect to a Plan 9 service.

       Changeuser installs or changes user in an authentication database.  It does not install	a
       user on a Plan 9 file server; see fs(8) for that.

       Option  -p installs user in the Plan 9 database.  Changeuser asks twice for a password for
       the new user.  If the responses do not match or the password is too easy to guess the user
       is not installed.

       Option  -n  installs user in the SecureNet database and prints out a key for the SecureNet
       box.  The key is chosen by changeuser.

       If neither option -p or option -n is given, changeuser installs the user  in  the  Plan	9

       Changeuser  prompts for biographical information such as email address, user name, sponsor
       and department number and appends it to the file /adm/netkeys.who or /adm/keys.who.

       Wrkey prompts for a machine key, host owner, and host domain and stores them in local non-
       volatile RAM.

       Convkeys  re-encrypts the key file keyfile.  Re-encryption is performed in place.  Without
       the -p option convkeys uses the key stored in /dev/keys to decrypt the file, and  encrypts
       it  using  the  new key.  By default, convkeys prompts twice for the new password.  The -p
       forces convkeys to also prompt for the old password.  The format of keyfile  is	described
       in keyfs(4).

       Printnetkey  displays the network key as it should be entered into the hand-held Securenet

       Status is a shell script that prints out everything known about a user and the user's  key

       Auth.srv  is  the  program,  run  only  on  the authentication server, that handles ticket
       requests on IL port 566.  It is started by an incoming call to  the  server  requesting	a
       conversation  ticket;  its standard input and output are the network connection.  Auth.srv
       executes the authentication server's end of  the  appropriate  protocol	as  described  in

       Guard.srv  is  similar.	 It is called whenever a foreign (e.g. Unix) system wants to do a
       SecureNet challenge/response authentication.

	      List of users in the Plan 9 database.

	      List of users in	the SecureNet database.


       keyfs(4), securenet(8)


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