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CLWALK(5)										CLWALK(5)

       clwalk - clone, then search a directory, and change to a file within it

       Tclwalk	tag[2] fid[2] newfid[2] name[28]
       Rclwalk	tag[2] fid[2] qid[8]

       The  clwalk  request is a combination of a clone request (see clone(5)) followed by a walk
       request (see walk(5)) on the new fid.  If the walk fails, there is an  implicit	clunk  of

       The  clwalk  message is an optimization for use on low-speed lines; it is not generated by
       the kernel.  The cfs(4) cached file system generates it as a  side-effect  of  any  system
       call that interprets a file name.

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