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WALK(5) 										  WALK(5)

       walk - descend a directory hierarchy

       Twalk  tag[2] fid[2] name[28]
       Rwalk  tag[2] fid[2] qid[8]

       The walk request looks for the file name in the directory represented by fid.

       For  the  walk to succeed, the file identified by fid must be a directory, and the implied
       user of the request must have permission to search the directory (see intro(5)).

       After a successful walk, fid represents the specified file.  The qid for the new  file  is
       returned with the walk reply message.

       A walk of the name ..  in the root directory of a server is a no-op.

       A  call	to  chdir(2) causes a walk.  One or more walk messages may be generated by any of
       the following calls, which evaluate file names: bind, create, exec, mount,  open,  remove,
       stat,  unmount,	wstat.	 The file name element .  (dot) is interpreted locally and is not
       transmitted in walk messages.

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