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RUNE(2) 										  RUNE(2)

       runetochar,  chartorune,  runelen,  fullrune, utflen, utfrune, utfrrune, utfutf - rune/UTF

       #include <u.h>
       #include <libc.h>

       int    runetochar(char *s, Rune *r)

       int    chartorune(Rune *r, char *s)

       int    runelen(long r)

       int    fullrune(char *s, int n)

       int    utflen(char *s)

       char*  utfrune(char *s, long c)

       char*  utfrrune(char *s, long c)

       char*  utfutf(char *s1, char *s2)

       These routines convert to and from a UTF byte stream and runes.

       Runetochar copies one rune at r to at most UTFmax bytes starting at s and returns the num-
       ber  of	bytes  copied.	 UTFmax, defined as 3 in <libc.h>, is the maximum number of bytes
       required to represent a rune.

       Chartorune copies at most UTFmax bytes starting at s to one rune at r and returns the num-
       ber  of	bytes copied.  If the input is not exactly in UTF format, chartorune will convert
       to 0x80 and return 1.

       Runelen returns the number of bytes required to convert r into UTF.

       Fullrune returns 1 if the string s of length n is long enough to be decoded by  chartorune
       and  0  otherwise.  This does not guarantee that the string contains a legal UTF encoding.
       This routine is used by programs that obtain input a byte at a time and need to know  when
       a full rune has arrived.

       The following routines are analogous to the corresponding string routines with utf substi-
       tuted for str and rune substituted for chr.

       Utflen returns the number of runes that are represented by the UTF string s.

       Utfrune (utfrrune) returns a pointer to the first (last) occurrence of rune c in  the  UTF
       string  s,  or  0 if c does not occur in the string.  The NUL byte terminating a string is
       considered to be part of the string s.

       Utfutf returns a pointer to the first occurrence of the UTF string s2 as a  UTF	substring
       of s1, or 0 if there is none.  If s2 is the null string, utfutf returns s1.


       utf(6), tcs(1)

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