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FSESSION(2)									      FSESSION(2)

       fsession, fauth - set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file server

       #include <u.h>
       #include <libc.h>
       #include <auth.h>

       int   fsession(int fd, char trbuf[TICKREQLEN])

       uchar fauth(int fd, char tbuf[2*TICKETLEN])

       The  first  time  fsession  is called for the connection referred to by fd, a session (see
       attach(5)) message is exchanged with the file server at the other end of  the  connection.
       Fsession  uses the information returned by the file server and the id of the user to build
       a ticket request message returned in trbuf.  If the file server requires no authentication
       or the kernel already has authentication tickets for the current user for this connection,
       trbuf[0] is set to 0.  If not, trbuf can be used to obtain tickets from an  authentication
       server.	Fsession should be called before any mount (see bind(2)) of fd.

       Fauth  is  used	to  pass  authentication tickets to the kernel for the current user.  The
       tickets are used to authenticate the user in any subsequent mounts of fd by that user.

       It is rare to use these functions directly; more  commonly  amount  or  authenticate  (see
       auth(2)) is used.


       attach(5), auth(2) (particularly amount), auth(6), auth(8)

       Sets errstr.

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