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MC(1)							      General Commands Manual							     MC(1)

mc - multicolumn print SYNOPSIS
mc [ - ] [ -N ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Mc splits the input into as many columns as will fit in N print positions. If run in an 81/2(1) window, the default N is the number of blanks that will fit across the window; otherwise the default N is 80. Under option - each input line ending in a colon is printed sepa- rately. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/mc.c SEE ALSO
81/2(1), pr(1), lc in ls(1) MC(1)

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LEX(1)							      General Commands Manual							    LEX(1)

lex - generator of lexical analysis programs SYNOPSIS
lex [ -tvn ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Lex generates programs to be used in simple lexical analysis of text. The input files (standard input default) contain regular expressions to be searched for and actions written in C to be executed when expressions are found. A C source program, lex.yy.c is generated. This program, when run, copies unrecognized portions of the input to the output, and executes the associated C action for each regular expression that is recognized. The options have the following meanings. -t Place the result on the standard output instead of in file lex.yy.c. -v Print a one-line summary of statistics of the generated analyzer. -n Opposite of -v; -n is default. EXAMPLES
This program converts upper case to lower, removes blanks at the end of lines, and replaces multiple blanks by single blanks. %% [A-Z] putchar(yytext[0]+'a'-'A'); [ ]+$ [ ]+ putchar(' '); FILES
lex.yy.c output /sys/lib/lex/ncform template SEE ALSO
yacc(1), sed(1) M. E. Lesk and E. Schmidt, `LEX--Lexical Analyzer Generator', Unix Research System Programmer's Manual, Tenth Edition, Volume 2. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/lex BUGS
Cannot handle UTF. The asteroid to kill this dinosaur is still in orbit. LEX(1)
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