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CP(1)											    CP(1)

       cp, mv  - copy, move files

       cp file1 file2
       cp file ... directory

       mv file1 file2
       mv file ... directory

       In  the	first  form file1 is any name and file2 is any name except an existing directory.
       In the second form the commands copy or move one or more  files	into  a  directory  under
       their  original	file  names,  as if by a sequence of commands in the first form.  Thus is
       equivalent to

       Cp copies the contents of plain file1 to file2.	The mode and owner of file2 are preserved
       if it already exists; the mode of file1 is used otherwise.

       Mv  moves  file1 to file2.  If the files are in the same directory, file1 is just renamed;
       otherwise mv behaves like cp followed by rm.  Mv will rename directories, but  it  refuses
       to move a directory into another directory.


       cat(1), stat(2)

       Cp and mv refuse to copy or move files onto themselves.

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