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chmod(1) [plan9 man page]

CHMOD(1)						      General Commands Manual							  CHMOD(1)

chmod - change mode SYNOPSIS
chmod mode file ... DESCRIPTION
The mode of each named file is changed according to mode, which may be an octal number or a symbolic change to the existing mode. A mode is an octal number constructed from the OR of the following modes. 0400 read by owner 0200 write by owner 0100 execute (search in directory) by owner 0070 read, write, execute (search) by group 0007 read, write, execute (search) by others A symbolic mode has the form: [who] op permission The who part is a combination of the letters u (for user's permissions), g (group) and o (other). The letter a stands for ugo. If who is omitted, the default is a. Op can be + to add permission to the file's mode, - to take away permission, and = to assign permission absolutely (all other bits will be reset). Permission is any combination of the letters r (read), w (write), x (execute), a (append only), and l (exclusive access). Only the owner of a file or the group leader of its group may change the file's mode. SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/chmod.c SEE ALSO
ls(1), stat(2), stat(5) CHMOD(1)

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CHMOD(1)						      General Commands Manual							  CHMOD(1)

chmod - change access mode for files SYNOPSIS
chmod [-R] mode file ... OPTIONS
-R Change hierarchies recursively EXAMPLES
chmod 755 file # Owner: rwx Group: r-x Others: r-x chmod +x file1 file2 # Make file1 and file2 executable chmod a-w file # Make file read only chmod u+s file # Turn on SETUID for file chmod -R o+w dir # Allow writing for all files in dir DESCRIPTION
The given mode is applied to each file in the file list. If the -R flag is present, the files in a directory will be changed as well. The mode can be either absolute or symbolic. Absolute modes are given as an octal number that represents the new file mode. The mode bits are defined as follows: 4000 Set effective user id on execution to file's owner id 2000 Set effective group id on execution to file's group id 0400 file is readable by the owner of the file 0200 writeable by owner 0100 executable by owner 0070 same as above, for other users in the same group 0007 same as above, for all other users Symbolic modes modify the current file mode in a specified way. The form is: [who] op permissions { op permissions ...} {, [who] op ... } The possibilities for who are u, g, o, and a, standing for user, group, other and all, respectively. If who is omitted, a is assumed, but the current umask is used. The op can be +, -, or =; + turns on the given permissions, - turns them off; = sets the permissions exclu- sively for the given who. For example g=x sets the group permissions to --x. The possible permissions are r, w, x; which stand for read, write, and execute; s turns on the set effective user/group id bits. s only makes sense with u and g; o+s is harmless. SEE ALSO
ls(1), chmod(2). CHMOD(1)

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