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proc_terminate(3) [php man page]


proc_terminate - Kills a process opened by proc_open

bool proc_terminate (resource $process, [int $signal = 15]) DESCRIPTION
Signals a $process (created using proc_open(3)) that it should terminate. proc_terminate(3) returns immediately and does not wait for the process to terminate. proc_terminate(3) allows you terminate the process and continue with other tasks. You may poll the process (to see if it has stopped yet) by using the proc_get_status(3) function. PARAMETERS
o $process - The proc_open(3) resource that will be closed. o $signal - This optional parameter is only useful on POSIX operating systems; you may specify a signal to send to the process using the kill(2) system call. The default is SIGTERM. RETURN VALUES
Returns the termination status of the process that was run. CHANGELOG
+--------+---------------------------------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+---------------------------------------------------+ | 5.2.2 | | | | | | | Previous versions used to destroy the given | | | process $resource. | | | | +--------+---------------------------------------------------+ SEE ALSO
proc_open(3), proc_close(3), proc_get_status(3). PHP Documentation Group PROC_TERMINATE(3)

Check Out this Related Man Page

kill(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   kill(1)

       kill - send a signal to a process

       kill [-sig] processid...
       kill -l

       The command sends the TERM (terminate, 15) signal to the specified processes.  If a signal name or number preceded by `-' is given as first
       argument, that signal is sent instead of terminate.  For further information, see

       The terminate signal kills processes that do not catch the signal; `kill -9 ...' is a sure kill, as the KILL (9) signal cannot  be  caught.
       By convention, if process number 0 is specified, all members in the process group (that is, processes resulting from the current login) are
       signaled.  This works only if you use and not if you use To kill a process it must either belong to you or you must be superuser.

       The process number of an asynchronous process started with `&' is reported by the shell.  Process numbers can also be  found  by  using	It
       allows job specifiers ``%...''  so process ID's are not as often used as arguments.  See for details.

       -l   Lists  signal  names.  The signal names are listed by `kill -l', and are as given in /usr/include/signal.h, stripped of the common SIG

See Also
       csh(1), ps(1), kill(2), sigvec(2)


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