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escapeshellcmd - Escape shell metacharacters

string escapeshellcmd (string $command) DESCRIPTION
escapeshellcmd(3) escapes any characters in a string that might be used to trick a shell command into executing arbitrary commands. This function should be used to make sure that any data coming from user input is escaped before this data is passed to the exec(3) or system(3) functions, or to the backtick operator. Following characters are preceded by a backslash: #&;`|*?~<>^()[]{}$, x0A and xFF. ' and " are escaped only if they are not paired. In Windows, all these characters plus % are replaced by a space instead. PARAMETERS
o $command - The command that will be escaped. RETURN VALUES
The escaped string. EXAMPLES
Example #1 escapeshellcmd(3) example <?php // We allow arbitrary number of arguments intentionally here. $command = './configure '.$_POST['configure_options']; $escaped_command = escapeshellcmd($command); system($escaped_command); ?> Warning escapeshellcmd(3) should be used on the whole command string, and it still allows the attacker to pass arbitrary number of argu- ments. For escaping a single argument escapeshellarg(3) should be used instead. SEE ALSO
escapeshellarg(3), exec(3), popen(3), system(3), backtick operator. PHP Documentation Group ESCAPESHELLCMD(3)

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PASSTHRU(3)								 1							       PASSTHRU(3)

passthru - Execute an external program and display raw output

void passthru (string $command, [int &$return_var]) DESCRIPTION
The passthru(3) function is similar to the exec(3) function in that it executes a $command. This function should be used in place of exec(3) or system(3) when the output from the Unix command is binary data which needs to be passed directly back to the browser. A common use for this is to execute something like the pbmplus utilities that can output an image stream directly. By setting the Content-type to image/gif and then calling a pbmplus program to output a gif, you can create PHP scripts that output images directly. PARAMETERS
o $command - The command that will be executed. o $return_var - If the $return_var argument is present, the return status of the Unix command will be placed here. RETURN VALUES
No value is returned. NOTES
Warning When allowing user-supplied data to be passed to this function, use escapeshellarg(3) or escapeshellcmd(3) to ensure that users can- not trick the system into executing arbitrary commands. Note If a program is started with this function, in order for it to continue running in the background, the output of the program must be redirected to a file or another output stream. Failing to do so will cause PHP to hang until the execution of the program ends. Note When safe mode is enabled, you can only execute files within the safe_mode_exec_dir. For practical reasons, it is currently not allowed to have .. components in the path to the executable. Warning With safe mode enabled, the command string is escaped with escapeshellcmd(3). Thus, echo y | echo x becomes echo y | echo x. SEE ALSO
exec(3), system(3), popen(3), escapeshellcmd(3), backtick operator. PHP Documentation Group PASSTHRU(3)
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