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widget(n)							Megawidget package							 widget(n)


widget - Megawidget package SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.4 package require Tk 8.4 package require widget ?3.0? package require snit widget::validate as ?options? widget::calendar pathname ?options? widget::dateentry pathname ?options? widget::dialog pathname ?options? widget::menuentry pathname ?options? widget::panelframe pathname ?options? widget::ruler pathname ?options? widget::screenruler pathname ?options? widget::scrolledwindow pathname ?options? widget::statusbar pathname ?options? widget::superframe pathname ?options? widget::toolbar pathname ?options? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides megawidgets based on the snit oo system (snidgets). It makes use of the Tile/Ttk themed widget set. widget::validate as ?options? commands: WIDGETS
widget::calendar pathname ?options? options: widget::dateentry pathname ?options? options: widget::dialog pathname ?options? options: widget::menuentry pathname ?options? options: widget::panelframe pathname ?options? options: widget::ruler pathname ?options? options: widget::screenruler pathname ?options? options: widget::scrolledwindow pathname ?options? options: widget::statusbar pathname ?options? options: widget::superframe pathname ?options? options: widget::toolbar pathname ?options? options: EXAMPLE
package require widget::superframe ; # or widget::all pack [widget::superframe .f -type separator -text "SuperFrame:"] KEYWORDS
megawidget, snit, widget widget 3.0 widget(n)

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widget_calendar(n)					    widget::calendar Megawidget 					widget_calendar(n)


widget_calendar - widget::calendar Megawidget SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.4 package require Tk 8.4 package require widget ?3.0? widget::calendar pathname ?options? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides a calendar megawidget (snidget). widget::calendar pathname ?options? WIDGET OPTIONS
-command A script to evaluate when a date was selected. -dateformat The format of the date that is returned. Default: %m/%d/%Y. -firstday Set first day the week, Either sunday or monday. It defaults to monday. -font Select the font used in the widget. It defaults to Helvetica 9. -highlightcolor Selects the background color for the day that has been selected. Default: #FFCC00 -language Specify language of the calendar contents. The language is specified by abbreviations of the languge, for example: en - english, de - german ... It defaults to en. Supported languages: en, de, fr, it, es, pt, ru, sv, zh, fi -shadecolor Selects the color of the parts that have a shaded background. Default: #888888 -showpast Specify if the past shall be shown. It is a boolean value and defaults to 1. -textvariable Specifies the name of a variable whose value is linked to the entry widget's contents. Whenever the variable changes value, the widget's contents are updated, and vice versa. WIDGET COMMAND
pathname get ?what? Returns a part of the selected date or 'all'. The argument what selects the part. Valid values for what are: day, month, year and all. 'all' is the default and returns the complete date in the format given with -dateformat. DEFAULT BINDINGS
On creation of the calendar widget the following bindings are installed. o Up - Move to week before current date o Down - Move to week after current date o Left - Move to day before current date o Right - Move to day after current date o Control-Left - Move to month before current date o Control-Right - Move to month after current date o Control-Up - Move to year before current date o Control-Down - Move to year after current date EXAMPLE
package require widget::calendar ; # or widget::all set t [widget::calendar .t] pack $t -fill x -expand 1 KEYWORDS
megawidget, snit, widget widget 0.93 widget_calendar(n)
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