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datab(9S)						    Data Structures for Drivers 						 datab(9S)

datab, dblk - STREAMS message data structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI). DESCRIPTION
The datab structure describes the data of a STREAMS message. The actual data contained in a STREAMS message is stored in a data buffer pointed to by this structure. A msgb (message block) structure includes a field that points to a datab structure. Because a data block can have more than one message block pointing to it at one time, the db_ref member keeps track of a data block's ref- erences, preventing it from being deallocated until all message blocks are finished with it. STRUCTURE MEMBERS
unsigned char *db_base; /* first byte of buffer */ unsigned char *db_lim; /* last byte (+1) of buffer */ unsigned char db_ref; /* # of message pointers to this data */ unsigned char db_type; /* message type */ A datab structure is defined as type dblk_t. SEE ALSO
free_rtn(9S), msgb(9S) Writing Device Drivers STREAMS Programming Guide SunOS 5.10 24 Oct 2003 datab(9S)

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msgb(9S)						    Data Structures for Drivers 						  msgb(9S)

msgb, mblk - STREAMS message block structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI) DESCRIPTION
A STREAMS message is made up of one or more message blocks, referenced by a pointer to a msgb structure. The b_next and b_prev pointers are used to link messages together on a QUEUE. The b_cont pointer links message blocks together when a message consists of more than one block. Each msgb structure also includes a pointer to a datab(9S) structure, the data block (which contains pointers to the actual data of the message), and the type of the message. STRUCTURE MEMBERS
struct msgb *b_next; /* next message on queue */ struct msgb *b_prev; /* previous message on queue */ struct msgb *b_cont; /* next message block */ unsigned char *b_rptr; /* 1st unread data byte of buffer */ unsigned char *b_wptr; /* 1st unwritten data byte of buffer */ struct datab *b_datap; /* pointer to data block */ unsigned char b_band; /* message priority */ unsigned short b_flag; /* used by stream head */ Valid flags are as follows: MSGMARK Last byte of message is marked. MSGDELIM Message is delimited. The msgb structure is defined as type mblk_t. SEE ALSO
datab(9S) Writing Device Drivers STREAMS Programming Guide SunOS 5.11 11 Apr 1991 msgb(9S)
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