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man.conf(5) [osx man page]

MAN.CONF(5)							File Formats Manual						       MAN.CONF(5)

man.conf - configuration data for man DESCRIPTION
This file is read by man(1) and contains (a) information on how to construct the search path for man, (b) full path names for various pro- grams like nroff, eqn, tbl etc. used by man, and (c) a list with uncompressors for files with a given extension. An alternative version of this file can be specified with man -C private_man.conf ... The command names may be provided with options. Useful options to nroff can be found in grotty(1). For example, instead of the default line NROFF /usr/bin/groff -mandoc -Tlatin1 one may write NROFF /usr/bin/groff -mandoc -Tlatin1 -P-u -P-b in order to suppress underlining and overstriking. FILES
/private/etc/man.conf AUTHOR
John W. Eaton was the original author of man. Zeyd M. Ben-Halim released man 1.2, and Andries Brouwer followed up with versions 1.3 thru 1.5p. Federico Lucifredi <> is the current maintainer. SEE ALSO
col(1), (g)eqn(1), (g)pic(1), groff(1), grotty(1), (g)refer(1), (g)tbl(1), less(1), man (1) and compress(1), gzip(1). September 19, 2005 MAN.CONF(5)

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NROFF(1)						      General Commands Manual							  NROFF(1)

nroff - emulate nroff command with groff SYNOPSIS
nroff [ -h ] [ -i ] [ -mname ] [ -nnum ] [ -olist ] [ -p ] [ -rcn ] [ -S ] [ -t ] [ -Tname ] [ -U ] [ -v ] [ file ... ] DESCRIPTION
The nroff script emulates the nroff command using groff. Only ascii, latin1, utf8, and cp1047 are valid arguments for the -T option. If an invalid or no -T option is given, nroff checks the current locale to select a default output device. It first tries the locale program, then the environment variables LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, and LANG, and finally the LESSCHARSET environment variable. The -h and -c options are equivalent to grotty's options -h (using tabs in the output) and -c (using the old output scheme instead of SGR escape sequences). The -C, -i, -n, -m, -o, and -r options have the effect described in troff(1). In addition, nroff silently ignores the options -e, -q, and -s (which are not implemented in troff). Options -p (pic), -t (tbl), -S (safer), and -U (unsafe) are passed to groff. -v shows the version number. ENVIRONMENT
GROFF_BIN_PATH A colon separated list of directories in which to search for the groff executable before searching in PATH. If unset, `/usr/bin' is used. NOTES
This shell script is basically intended for use with man(1), so warnings are suppressed. nroff-style character definitions (in the file tty-char.tmac) are also loaded to emulate unrepresentable glyphs. SEE ALSO
groff(1), troff(1), grotty(1) Groff Version 1.18.1 Nov 2003 NROFF(1)
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